Comcast Business 

As a Senior Art Director, I helped lead the SapientRazorfish team in collaboration with Comcast’s in-house development team at reimagining the Comcast Business digital experience.  Creating the overall visual language which included responsive pages, style guide using Sketch libraries and a device agnositic component library.

Agency: SapientRazorfish
Role: Art Direction/Design
Team: Tim Wolf (CD), Jesse Nover (UX Lead)

Light VersionLight Version
Darker tech versionDarker tech version
Colorful VersionColorful Version
Comcast Business Desktop HD CopyComcast Business Desktop HD Copy

Style Guide / Component Library
While working on page designs, we also created a style guide and component library that captured all of the page elements with pixel perfection. I created a design UI kit using Sketch libraries that was shared with our team and helped with collaboration and keeping our layouts consistant for hand off to development.

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