Happy Chef

Working as a Senior Art Director, I lead the UI/ UX/ Development team at Ripen to enhance the online retail experience for Happy Chef Uniforms and created a stronger engagement with their customers. We worked to strengthen the user experience and boost the look and feel of the design. I worked on major enhancements to the retail experience which included a new embroidery feature, check out process, homepage concept and product description page.  

Agency: Ripen  
Role: Art Direction/Design
Team: Angel Obregon (CD), Misha Medvedev (Developer)

Happy Chef Hero PDPHappy Chef Hero PDP

Embroidery Feature

Happy Chef approached Ripen with a problem; Customers where getting confused, frustrated and dropping off from their current embroidery addition feature. We scrapped the existing functionality and began to take a mobile-first approach. I decided that we would use our mobile UX across all breakpoints to cut down on development time and create an overall layout that customers could more easily understand and navigate. Once our new approach was implemented, sales and additions of embroidery to products, went up instantly and the drop off rate decreased.

Embroidery Feature WiresEmbroidery Feature Wires
Embroidery Feature Wires CopyEmbroidery Feature Wires Copy

Sketch/Invision Workflow

After working together to come up with a new user experience, I implemented the design using Sketch to show the numerous flows to which the customer can add/remove embroidery to a product. I created a working  prototype in Invision to show all of our stakeholders our funtional features.

Happy Chef Embroidery Process MobileHappy Chef Embroidery Process Mobile
Happy Chef Embroidery DesktopHappy Chef Embroidery Desktop

Check Out, Cart & Product Description Page

The existing Happy Chef checkout process was confusing. Customers were dropping during the purchase process, the UX and UI weren’t cohesive, and it was challenging to get through the mobile process. Happy Chef approached us to do a redesign of their process to increase  purchases within the system. I was responsible for the UX/design and worked closely with the development team to create an experience that spoke to customers’ needs. We focused on a quick and painless check-out process which resulted in increased sales of 40% on mobile devices. While working on the check-out process, I also designed a few new product description pages with the hope updating their current functionality/design. 

Happy Chef Embroidery Check Out CartHappy Chef Embroidery Check Out Cart
Happy Chef PDP conceptHappy Chef PDP concept